Chong Hua Highlights

2021 School Year

Orientation Camp for New G1 Students

9-13 August 2021

5-day Camp to welcome new students to our wonderful school. The programme is designed to ease anxiety, promote a sense of belonging and allow students to quickly adapt to their learning environment and routine. In addition to Introduction to Phonetic Symbols, English and Japanese our varied range of learning and fun activities also include Brush Pen Calligraphy, Science Games, Horticulture, Art, and Sports.

2020 School Year

Mother’s Day Celebration

1 May 2021

This year’s Mother’s Day was celebrated with students giving poem recitations, singing, and performing the violin. They also presented flowers bearing message of love to their parents. A “barrier-breaking” activity was featured to promote parent-child communication and interactions – all done with joy and love.

English Storytelling by Principal Yang

22 & 25 March 2021

Nothing is more exciting than to have Principal Yang tell you a story. Principal Yang of our High School took time off from his day duties to read from “PIG OUT” story book. Students from G1 & G2 pleasantly sat through his reading in the two sessions.

Inter-class Football Match

3 December 2020

Following the examination week, to provide an avenue of relaxation, the school organised an inter-class football match. The high school students had a fun time bonding, boosting their physical and mental well being while they enjoyed the warm winter sun!

Career Talk – By TSMC Engineer

20 November 2020

In this round of Career Talk, we invited an experienced TSMC engineer to introduce his job duties and to share on the division of labor in the chip manufacturing industry to our high school students.

Vocational Visit To High-Tech Architecture Department of National Ping Tung Senior Industrial Vocational School

18 November 2020

The visit to Pingtung High-Tech Architecture Department gave the high school students additional opportunities to explore their interests and abilities. This experience enables them to have a full understanding of themselves, and how they can better plan for their career paths.

Career Talk : Speaker from Google

13 November 2020

In our Career Talk sessions, we feature speakers from different industries who are professionally active in their respective trades.It gives high school students an understanding of the career world and expectations.In the recent session, a personnel from Google was invited to speak about qualification process, job duties and online information marketing to related business.

Tree Planting Ceremony

28 September 2020

On 28 September, in commemorating the birthday of Confucius, and celebrating Teacher’s Day, the school held a tree-planting event.

Led by Principal Yang, students and teachers of Grade 10 planted a camphor tree in the front courtyard of Ching Hua Jing Yu Building. The camphor tree was selected for its Chinese character highlighting prosperity & luck in a Chinese verse. A tree signifies root – as such it is the school’s hope that students will remember their “roots” in Chong Hua. Principal Yang gave a tribute to founder, Grand Master Lim Zai Jin who has selflessly given much to the school.