We invite you to bring your son or daughter to attend our next organized school tour or book a private tour during school term to find out how Chong Hua Bilingual School can help your child to achieve more than they thought possible.

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Please note that due to COVID-19 guidelines, our tour numbers will be capped to allow for appropriate physical distancing measures.
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    是否一貫道道親 Are you an I-Kuan Tao fellow?是 Yes否 No

    您想參加我們的那一個參訪呢 Which would you like to attend?

    私人參訪 Private Personal Tour參加學校的開放日 (待定)Next Open Day Tour

    預計入讀年份 Proposed Year of Admission202320242025

    預計入讀年份 Proposed Year of Admission202320242025

    您從何途徑認識 祟華 Where did you hear about Chong Hua?

    口碑 Word of Mouth外間的學校介紹標牌 External Signage報章 Local Newspaper網上搜尋 Google Search校內的親屬 Sibling at School其他 Other

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