Scholarships and Subsidies

Chong Hua Bilingual School offers a range of scholarships and subsidies to students who have shown their academic excellence.

2021 School Year New Enrolment Scholarship
G10 New Students – 1st Semester
  • Eligibility Scholarship
  • A++ in five subjects of CAP TWD 500,000
  • No lower than A in five subjects of CAP TWD 420,000
  • A++ in any one subject of CAP (with no C in any subject) TWD60,000 per subject
  • A in any one subject of CAP (with no C in any subject) TWD50,000 per subject
  • Scholarship will be distributed over six semesters and subject to achieving the qualifying result. Reward and punishment record will also be taken into consideration (please contact Student Recruitment Team for details)
  • CAP = Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students

Some are specifically aimed at widening access to the exceptional education available at our school, irrespective of financial means or social circumstances.

Entrance Scholarships are available to accomplished students entering High School and Academic Scholarships are awarded to our high achievers based on merits. For more information on our scholarships and subsidies programme, please contact our Enrolment Office at