Frequently Asked Questions

The school is the first one on several aspects:

  • We are the first boarding school in Pingtung County where students are taught basic lifestyle skills for their daily subsistence. Students are taught to wash their own dishes after meals, make their beds in the mornings and wash their clothes. They are also encouraged to help maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of their dormitory and campus.
  • We are the only bilingual and wholly vegetarian school to promote environmental protection, save the planet in Pingtung County.
  • We are also the first school in Taiwan to incorporate Chinese Classics teachings in the school curriculum. Students are taught ethics and moral values and to acknowledge and remember their roots.
  • Not only are our teachers highly qualified and experienced in their respective curriculums; they have a passion for teaching. Chong Hua is known for its welcoming, inclusive, and down-to-earth culture. Students will feel the warm and caring environment exudes by the professional staff, be it when they are at day school or boarding premises.
  • In addition, we strive for continuous improvement in our learning environment and technology to keep up with the demands of modern-day society.

We recommend you secure a position at the school by completing our Enrolment Application Form for admission as soon as possible after your child is ready for school. Lodgement of your enrolment also guarantees that you will receive regular communication from Chong Hua Bilingual School.

We accept applications for immediate commencement providing there are places available. The availability of places varies depending on the year level of entry. For information please contact our Enrolment Team at

Students are not allowed to use their mobile phones in school as it may affect learning and create distraction to teachers and students. Boarding students are limited to 30 minutes per day at fixed time to use their phones to call home to talk to family members.  Parents may contact our Boarding staff directly if needed.

Except for overseas students, all other boarding students must go home on weekends, gazetted holidays and on scheduled fortnightly Dormitory Cleaning and Tidy Up days. Transportation service has been arranged to take students home. For more details, please visit Chong Hua Transportation Page

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