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Ministry of Education
K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education
Curriculum & Instruction Resources Network
Physical Fitness - Physical Education, Ministry of Education
National Academy for Educational Research
108 Syllabus Information, 12-Year Basic Education
Department of Education, Pingtung County Government
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Ministry of National Defense R.O.C.
Gender Equity Education
Human Rights Education Advisory and Resources Center
Character and/or Moral Education
Family Education
Ministry of Education Green School
Environment Education
Sporting Equipment
Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students
112 Junior High School Graduates Admission Pathways to Senior High Schools


Senior High School Student Affairs and Activities
Junior High School Learning Resources
Language Resources
Adaptive Learning
Chinese Language Learning
Learning Program for Stroke Order of Chinese Characters
Mandarin Dictionary (Revised Version)


Taiwan Centers for Disease Control
School Health Information Site
Campus Security Report Center
Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign